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Autonomous Linking Pods May Be Commuter's Dream

Autonomous Linking Pods May Be Commuter's Dream


Pod picks you at at start of commute

Connects to other pods en route
You transfer to destination pod
Which drops you off right where you need to be

    Next Transportation, a company that launched at the World Government Summit in Dubai in February 2018, is planning a door-to-door transportation system of electricity-driven autonomous pods that combine and separate at need. The system is designed to work in cities with heavy commuter populations, as well as smart cities.
     An individual pod could pick you along, along with others in your immediate area, and then connect to other pods moving in the same general direction, forming a bus. While en route, you would be directed to move to a different pod to be on the one that will deliver you to your destination.
     To see how this would work, watch this video by Dubai Media Office.
     Can't wait already? Unfortunately, there isn't a word about how soon these pods will be on the road.