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'Internet of Cars' Might Be Next Thing to Get Hacked

'Internet of Cars' Might Be Next Thing to Get Hacked

26-Jan-2017     Everything gets hacked these days, so why not your car?
    That was a subject of concern at the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit in January, reported on by TechRepublic. With the debut of data connected and nearly autonomous cars, security has become a real issue.
    These cars, that are already on the road, work so well because they are wired in the same way our computers are. They have Wi-Fi, and sensors for taking in data like current GPS, allowable speed, and location of all objects in the vicinity that need to be avoided.
    But having an interactive car means you're driving a giant computer, and that means you're vulnerable. In fact, the hacking has already begun, over a decade ago. In 2003, Chinese researchers proved that you could hack into a Tesla through Wi-Fi and remotely operate the car. And there have even been television thrillers which show the horrified victim desperately trying to regain control of the car while it is being remotely propelled to a fatal crash.
    The security analysts who met in Detroit think that hackers will be after something a little less dramatic, like your money. These internet savvy cars will no doubt yield valuable passwords, particularly if the driver is hooked into social media or likes to do his banking from the driver's seat.